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Using Homeschooling to Wage Culture War is a Colossal Waste (And It Won't Work)

Why Everything Feels Boring, Everybody Seems Mad, and You Were Happier 20 Years Ago

Wikipedia Is Making Us More Political

We Are Not Disposable

Her Majesty's Cultural Christianity

Letter to a Deconstructing Christian: Your Questions Are Good, But Not That Good

Is 'Rings of Power' Woke? Or Just What We Deserve?

I Don't Think You Should Publish Your Book on Substack

5 Ways Growing Up as a Pastor's Kid Influenced My Theology

When Bots Write Your Love Story

What David McCullough Can Teach Us

Hating the Culture Is Not a Strategy

Deshaun Watson Shows the Weakness of #MeToo

Eternal Adolescence of the Social Media Mind

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A Case for Using Physical Bibles

On the Loneliness and Insecurity of Writing

Sometimes Winsomeness Wins

How Connectivity Made Us Miserable

You Can't Possibly Believe That

Book Review: "The Madness of Crowds" by Douglas Murray

Letters to a Deconstructing Christian: You Still Need an Answer for the Resurrection

It's a Mistake to Take Online Populist Movements Very Seriously

Contra Aaron Renn on Evangelicalism, Part 1

Letters to a Deconstructing Christian: When You See Hypocrisy in the Church

If "Representation" is the Issue, Where Are Pixar's Religious Characters?

Book Review: "How to Think" by Alan Jacobs

Two Updates From Me

Expressive Individualism and the Death of Mental "Illness"

The Debate About "Winsomeness" Is Really a Debate About Living On the Internet

How I Would Explain a Christian View of Transgenderism to a Non-Christian

How to Save Men

To my wife, on our anniversary

Guns, prayers, and America's lost boys

Rod Dreher vs. Me

Hearing the Warning of the SBC

Substack and the Future of Online Christian Writing

How the Apostle Paul Won the Culture War

"Attack of the Clones" is a Great Star Wars Film

Is it Time to Move Past Tim Keller?

Receiving Justice with Gratitude

Jesus vs. the Trade-In Society

What Jonathan Haidt is Missing

Evangelicalism is Decadent. So Now What?

The Universe Demands a Cross

What Social Media Cannot Do

Are "Evangelical Elites" Compromisers—or Just Not Fundamentalists?

Book Review: "The Coddling of the American Mind" by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff

A Book + Life Update!

The 'Young, Restless, Reformed' Movement Wasn't Enough, But It Wasn't a Mistake

[Open thread] The give-up is slow but sure

Two Kinds of Contemporary Technology

Fake Love, Fake War

What David Brooks Got Right About Evangelicalism, and What He Got Wrong

Our Bodies Tell Us What We Are

How the Internet Cultivates Expressive Individualism in Us

The Internet Is Pornographically-Shaped

OPEN THREAD: What are you reading right now?

Opposing Wokeness is Not Enough

Looking for Wisdom Among the 'Christian' Gurus

How I Would Explain a Christian View of Transgenderism to an Unbeliever

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Four Underrated Books on Technology and Modern Life

Why Men Don't Read Women

The Only Way is Ordinary

Negative Epistemology is a Spiritual Crisis

The Netflix Dilemma

The Three Possible Fates of Evangelical Anti-Wokeness

The Only Topic More Controversial Than Religion or Politics

David French, Big Eva, and Special Pleading

The Internet Sells Your Prayers

Why is "Re-Converting" Easier than Repenting?

I'm Writing a Book!

📚 Review: Jonathan Rauch's "The Constitution of Knowledge"

Self-Care is What We Do to Heal from the Internet

Five Things I Learned as a Pastor's Kid

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