Come read me at World Magazine!

Announcing a new column

I’m happy to announce that as of this month, I will be a regular contributor to a new Opinion page by World Magazine. I’ll be writing under the auspices of Albert Mohler (Opinion editor) and Andrew T. Walker (managing editor). My hope is to contribute pieces that enlighten and encourage Christians living in a technological, polarized age. Many of the themes I write about here will pop up in these columns (don’t worry, this newsletter isn’t going anywhere).

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to World and checking out what’s going on in the Opinion section. To get you started, here’s my inaugural piece for World, which published today. It’s on—what else?—wisdom in the social media era. Here’s a preview:

The stunning documentary The Social Dilemma revealed that social media companies rely on algorithms that weaponize human nature. Content that engages negative emotion, such as outrage or disgust, is infinitely more valuable for driving up use than positive or even neutral content. Increasingly, those who use social media as a source for news and perspective—as millions of Americans do and will continue to do—will be bombarded (intentionally) by text, videos, and images that confirm the righteousness of our cause and the absolute wickedness of the other side.

Why have Christians not done more to rise above this ideological swamp? Part of the answer is that many of us are more excited about politics than truth. But another answer is that too few Christians are thinking critically about the consequences of technology: how constant, never-ending access to information, untethered from accountability and community, might be training our spirits in a way that is antithetical to the discipline of taking every thought captive to the mind of Christ.

I hope to see you there!